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Manager Loisirs: I like to do a lot of things but most of all I like to read and listen to music. Books allow me to travel through time and different worlds without leaving my room and music helps me to dream and to relax. The choice of music depends on my mood, but usually I prefer or rock ballads or hot Latina rhythms.

agence de rencontre odessa

I am very curious and I love getting to know new countries and cultures. In the past I loved to go to the concerts and to ride a bike, but now I have no one to share this passion with. Now I dream to learn to dance tango and rumba Personnalité: It's very difficult to describe yourself when you only notice your good character traits, and friends are afraid to tell you what you really are.

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Of course, it's a joke. I'm sincere, cheerful, sociable woman with a light character and a great sense of humor.

agence de rencontre odessa

I am very romantic and like to dream looking at the starry sky. By the way, I still believe in Santa and in miracles but it is a big secret. At the same time I firmly stand on my feet and know agence de rencontre odessa what I want.

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I respect other people's opinion and all disputes solved by compromise. I enjoy life and appreciate every new day. So that you do not get sick from such agence de rencontre odessa amount of sweet, I'll add a spoon of tar to this barrel of honey.

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As well as at all people, I too have disadvantages. One of them, it's very difficult to regain my trust.

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I quickly forgive a person and forget all the bad things that he did to me, but I cannot begin to trust this person again. I just cross such people out of my close circle.

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I guess it's too late for me to change, but maybe it's you who can change me. Who knows?